There are many ways to get around.  Boats, trains, trucks, bicycles, and motorcycles.  Some of these are ridden for pleasure and some are used for work.  The bicycle is my favourite for getting myself around and the train is the most relaxing way to travel to other cities.

Bicycle and Expressway Bridge
Bicycle and Expressway Bridge, iPhone Hipstamatic
Buses, Subway Station, Technomart, Apartments
Buses, Subway Station, Technomart, Apartments, iPhone Hipstamatic
Number 88 coal car
Number 88 coal car, iPhone Hipstamatic
Boat with Crane
Boat with Crane, Zeiss Ikon ZM, Agfa CT Precisa 100
Boarding a train
Boarding a train, Zeiss Ikon ZM, Agfa CT Precisa 100
Dump Truck, Door, and Window
Dump Truck, Door, and Window, Contax 645, Provia 100F
Scooter with Trailer
Scooter with Trailer, Fuji X-Pro 1