Bits and Bobs

I didn’t have enough photos of each location to make a full post so I’m throwing them together here. Enjoy.


A number of new apartment complexes are going up in my neighbourhood and this is a view of one of them from the back seat of a bus on the way downtown.


Is watching chillies dry similar to watching paint dry?


The Sotdae Bridge in Gangmun. A man is helping this elegant woman with her hook.


Anmok Beach. I never knew there were truck-top tents available. It even comes with a ladder. Interesting idea.


A man sells silkworm larvae on the boardwalk at Anmok Beach.


A natural tree stands behind a telecommunications tree. This is next to the Jukheon Reservoir in Gangneung.


Also at the reservoir is a private cemetery with a number of tombs that I like to visit. What this stele says I have no idea because it’s written in Classical Chinese characters.


I’ll end the post with another photograph made from inside a bus. This is the taxi stand in front of Gangneung Bus Terminal. I don’t know the date, but it might have been just before the university semester began because all the people in the long queue look like students. The fellow in front is getting into an illegally parked car.

Until next time . . . .


Death and Near Death

I almost got nailed by a delivery truck doing an illegal U-turn today while I was riding bicycle.  So I thought these photos were appropriate to publish . . . .


This is one of my favourite iPhone photos.  I like the composition and I like the inclusion of both life and death in the scene.  In the background are a house and a rice field.  In the foreground are tombs of ancestors.  Respect and worship of the ancestors is important in Confucianism and Korean culture so it’s fitting that here the ancestors are so close to the living.


Here is a closeup of a stele and two tombs.  I’m not sure there’s any special meaning in this photo (please comment if you find it) but I like the design.

Scenes like these remind me of why I like living in Korea.  Despite the dangers of being anywhere near a street, there are so many beautiful and historical sites to photograph.