The Valley Behind My Apartment

Last month, I took a stroll up the small valley behind my apartment building. There are no farmers around because it’s winter and it’s a dead end so no city maniacs are using it as a shortcut to get to the highway. I made a few photographs on my walk and, as I write this, I wonder if the little valley has a name. Maybe I can ask a farmer when the weather warms up and they come out to prepare their fields.


As I started walking into the valley, I turned around and made a photo of my apartment complex.


I guess that this sign once said, “Do not enter”. Now, even without words, it still works as a means of communication. Or maybe it once said, “Welcome to my Field.” I don’t know.


I don’t know what kind of trees these are and I don’t know what this section of pipe is doing there.


Same trees, different view.


This was the end of the road. The blank area at the top of the sign looks like it might have had something written on it long ago.

I’m looking forward to walking up this valley in the spring and summer, when everything isn’t brown.


Simple and Complicated

Sometimes when I make a photograph I try to cut out as much as I can while still trying to show the viewer something interesting.  In this photograph, the closed shutter and the ‘For Rent’ sign tell you that some shop has gone out of business.  The simplicity of the For Sale sign tells you something about the character of the present owner.  Maybe he or she is a person of few words.  Maybe the person is smart enough to realise that no matter how much information is on the sign, potential renters are going to ask all the basic questions anyway.  So why bother writing it down?

Zeiss Ikon ZM, (probably) Agfa CT Precisa 100, Planar 2/50 ZM
Zeiss Ikon ZM, (probably) Agfa CT Precisa 100, Planar 2/50 ZM

The next photo was taken with a normal lens like the one above and my goal was not to cut out objects from the frame but to organise a large number of things in a pleasing and story-telling manner.  The field takes centre stage but the houses at top tell you this field is in the middle of a city and the clutter at the bottom tells you that the owner of the field isn’t as neat as maybe they should be.  Despite all the elements that make up this photograph there is nothing unnecessary in the frame.  It would, however, be nicer if the wheelbarrow in the lower right was a bit darker.

Fuji X-Pro 1, Fujinon 2/18
Fuji X-Pro 1, XF 1.4/35 R