Village of Swallows

There are no swallows in this post. The name of the village I visited last month is Jebi-ri, which is “Swallow Village”. But that sounds a bit odd and vulgar so I named this post “Village of Swallows”. I did see some swallows while I was walking around but they are too fast and small for me to photograph. I’ll leave that to the boys with the very long lenses and patience.

Shingwang Temple Offering at Spring

I had black and white film in my camera when I came across this offering at a spring in ShinGwang Temple. I wanted a colour photo of the fruit so I made one with my iPhone. It looks okay at a small size but won’t be any good for enlarging.

Temple Bell and Speakers

I thought the juxtoposition of the traditional temple bell and the modern speakers was interesting. The temple is very small so I don’t know why they would need these large speakers.

No Unauthorised Cars Allowed

This sign and lanterns are at the entrance to the temple. The sign says “No Unauthorised Vehicles Allowed.” This is probably necessary because the parking area was very small.

Worker Gloves on Stone

There was a small garden at the temple and someone had left their gloves on this flat stone, probably to dry. The temple was unoccupied on the day I was there. It was a Sunday, so maybe they had all gone to church? Oh ho ho . . . . sorry.

Tracks and Corn Field

There is very little grass between the tyre tracks so it might be a regular parking spot. Still, there is something slightly mysterious about these deep tracks that end abruptly at a field of tall crops.

Truck Tracks

This truck was in empty field that was very muddy with tracks.

Blue Former Military Truck

Here is that truck in colour. I see these here and there, usually in logging operations. They are always painted blue. The look like military trucks that were maybe sold to civilians. I wonder if they are painted blue so that they won’t be mistaken for in-service military vehicles.

Sesame Field, Colour

A shed at the far edge of a field of sesame.

Field of Sesame, black and white

Almost the same photo. I changed film and made the photo again. I like the composition of the black and white photo because the shed is bigger, but I think I would like it in colour.

Mailbox and path beside a field

I’m trying to remember the area, but I don’t think this mailbox was close to a house. Maybe the farmer was keeping a few things in it. The fence is made of net but I’m not sure what purpose it serves. Keeps small birds out? Just before I made this photo a cat slipped through the fence and into the field.

Tree and Fence

The same kind of fence enclosing a field and tree. I have a colour version of this but I don’t like it as much.

Clock in Bus Stop

It started to rain heavily so I took shelter in a bus stop and called a taxi. Buses are few and far between in Jebi-ri, especially on a Sunday. No other bus stops have clocks like this so someone in the village must have hung it up there. The time was wrong.

I’d like to visit the village again some day. It’s not far from my house and I can get there on bicycle when the weather isn’t wet. Although the area is quiet and pleasant, there are a lot of dogs tied up on short leashes and they bark and bark and bark when you pass by. Not great when you want to stop and make photos of something. Maybe next time I’ll bring some bones to toss them.


Miserable Day, Made a Few Photos in the Yard

It’s raining, everything is dark, I don’t want to do anything. But the camera was close and the yard was almost as close. So why not make a few photographs?
All are more or less straight from the camera but in Lightroom I added a bit of Clarity and changed the camera profile to Fuji’s Negative Standard. ISO 800 and spot metered. They look rather dull but that’s what everything looks like today. I didn’t shiny them up.

Must remember to put it out on the way to class this afternoon.
Must remember to put it out on the way to class this afternoon.
Forgot to buy some soil to plant flowers.
Forgot to buy some soil to plant flowers.
He wants to go out but dislikes stepping in water.
He wants to go out but dislikes stepping in water.

Scenes from a coffee shop

The village of Anmok in the city of Gangneung was/is a small fishing village. Before moving to Gangneung I had heard of the village’s ‘coffee street’. Every fish restaurant along the beach road had one or two coffee vending machines and this, along with the fresh sashimi, was the village’s claim to fame.
Fast forward ten or more years to the present and the village is now a long row of raw fish restaurants (sashimi sounds much better, doesn’t it?) and corporate chain coffee shops. There’s also a new marina and in the marina building there is a coffee shop on the top floor. Some time ago I went up there with a couple of friends and while they drank coffee I made a few photos.

Zeiss Ikon ZM, Planar 2/50, Agfa CT Precisa 100 film
Zeiss Ikon ZM, Planar 2/50, Agfa CT Precisa 100 film

The view towards the beach road with all the coffee shops, restaurants, and hotels. Behind the beach road are a maze of alleys where the houses and walls probably haven’t changed in many decades.

Zeiss Ikon ZM, Planar 2/50, Agfa CT Precisa 100 Film
Zeiss Ikon ZM, Planar 2/50, Agfa CT Precisa 100 Film

The coffee shop has a balcony where the smokers congregate and ruin the balcony for everyone else. Luckily, it was raining on the day I was there and the smokers had to suffer inside the coffee shop.