One Last Look

When I make new photos I look at them on the computer for about a week before I decide which ones I want to print. Once I get my prints I spend another week or so looking at them and throw away the ones that don’t impress me any more. Not including personal photos (the cat, the missus, dinners, etc), I usually end up with just a couple of photos I’m happy with per roll of film. Once the final selection is tucked away in albums I export copies of the photos from Lightroom to my computer desktop where I can easily find them when posting to my website. Before uploading I look at them one more time and the thought often hits — “Do I really want to share this with the rest of the world?” Photos that I like suddenly look mediocre when I think about showing them to others.  About half or more of the photos that get exported to my desktop don’t make it to this website. Here is an example:

I mentioned film in the post but this one is digital.
I mentioned film in the post but this one is digital.

I made this photo while sitting on a park bench in the Taekji neighbourhood of Gangneung. It’s not a bad photo. The composition is okay and the lines are straight. Maybe it’s not clear if the subject of the picture is the tree or the buildings in the background but this photo has meaning for me. I know that behind these buildings and the nice park is pedesrian hell. Few sidewalks, cars parked everywhere and anywhere, including the sidewalks when there are any to be found, shops with too many garish signs in the windows, et cetera. But that contrast between the chaotic roads and this lovely scene only exists for me. I made the photo because I was impressed by this calm perspective that would be ruined by walking ten metres to the left. Anyone else only sees a slightly dull photo of a neat-looking neighbourhood. And that’s why I didn’t plan to post it here.
I always hope that I am getting better at making photos. With the price of film these days, I can’t afford to point and shoot. But, as I realise from inspecting pictures waiting on my desktop, I also need to become better at selecting and posting those photos that will have interest and meaning for both me and visitors to the site.

A long absence, a broken computer, and changes

The few people who added my blog to their reading list because they are genuinely interested in my photos (as opposed to those hoping I would also follow their blogs to increase their numbers) probably wondered why I stopped posting.  There were two main reasons.  One, my iMac died and I couldn’t easily access my photos.  Two, I was in Canada for a month and didn’t post because I had no editing software with me.  Now I am back in Korea and the Apple repair shop tells me that they’ve replaced the graphics card (not cheap) and the iMac is working fine.  That’s good news, but unfortunately the Harvest Festival holiday runs from this evening to next Wednesday.  I’d be mad to get on a bus and go to Seoul to pick up the computer.  A three hour trip becomes a ten hour trip on major holidays here.  So, no photo posting until late next week sometime.

I have a backlog of photos that I want to share on this website but once they are used up I will probably be posting less frequently.  Despite being unemployed I want to use more film and get away from digital.  I’ve always liked film more and it’s not computer dependent.  Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but computers seem to annoy me more and more every year.  Time to start looking for a cabin in the woods . . . . .