Downtown Walkabout

Sometimes I go to a pre-decided place with a tripod and make a number of photographs. Other times I just step outside the door and go left or right as the mood takes me. Near the beginning of October I did that several times and here are a few of the better photos from those walks.


In the downtown market there is a shop that sells Buddhist supplies. Incense, candles, grey clothes, and small statues like this one. This Buddha stands outside the shop under the electricity meter. I’m sure this is profound in some way.


Tourists come to the Gangneung market for things like the fried chicken and other foods but most of the market is not very picturesque.


This is the large 5-way intersection in downtown Gangneung. I don’t know what’s on top of that very large pole. Lights? Speakers? Death rays?


This is a concrete wall in my neighbourhood. A patch of concrete fell out and a seed fell in and grew into a tree. Daoism in action. This is the sort of photo that I like most. Graphically simple but tells a story.


A few more from Australia

While I’m waiting for more film to get developed, I thought I would share a few more photographs I made during my trip to Australia in 2007.

My wife and I took a train from Brisbane to Sydney and although the trip was very long I enjoyed every minute of it. I wish trains went everywhere in the world, even over oceans. Although flying is convenient, it is a thoroughly unpleasant experience. But I digress. In Sydney we visited the Opera House and I made a number of photos with my Nikon D70.



I made a couple of photos of the whole complex but everyone has done these so I tried to make some photos of sections that I thought were visually interesting.

A week later we were doing a farmstay near Rockhampton. I didn’t take a photo, but I remember signs around that said, “Welcome to Rockhampton. Eat more beef, ya bastards!” As you can guess, it was a cattle farm we stayed on. Besides lying around and enjoying the weather, we also did a tour of the farm on a pickup truck. I used a Fuji Finepix F11 to make this photo of a horse and an Austrian girl. Nothing is in focus and the horizon is tilted but this is one of my favourite photos from the trip.

20070807-0252I also spent time wandering around the farm looking for things to photograph. I came across a rusting car and made this photo.


I would like to visit Australia again someday and I would especially like to stay on this farm again.

Another Brick in the Wall

Fuji X-Pro 1, 60mm lens
Fuji X-Pro 1, 60mm lens

One of my recent photographic projects is to walk around the streets of Gangneung making photos of things that are unusual, things that are leftovers from days gone past, and things that might disappear because of redevelopment. As an aside, I am not an opponent of redevelopment. There are a lot of neighbourhoods in this city that would benefit from a cleaning up and a facelift. Unfortunately, when old areas of the city are demolished they are replaced by ugly, square concrete buildings or towering apartment blocks.

I came across this wall one day while wandering the smaller streets near my house. This wall was interesting to me for two reasons. One, someone bothered to paint it and, not only that, paint it in a colour other than white. Two, I’m not sure why that breeze block is sticking out. I suspect there might be an outhouse or a shed on the other side of the wall and this brick was left uncovered to provide ventilation. The builder could have left the brick flush with the wall but chose to pull it out a little. An artistic touch?

Four Walls

This evening I went through the photos that I plan to print in the near future, looking for three or four pictures that have enough in common to include in a single post.  And there they were, four photos of walls.  I have a gallery of walls but the photos in this post won’t be included until I get them printed and look at them for several weeks.  It’s very possible that after a while I won’t like any of these photos.  But I’m not so picky when choosing pictures for the web log.

Tiles falling off a wall
Tiles falling off a wall

The tiles remaining on the wall look like they form a peninsula on a map surrounded by a sea of concrete.  Or maybe a map from a 1980s computer game.  The fallen tiles on the ledge add a bit more interest.

Flower pots on tall wall.
Flower pots on tall wall.

Here is another untended wall.  I can’t understand why the pots are up so high.  To get some sunlight?  There can’t be much sunlight in a garden with such a high wall.

Broken wall and traditional buildings (Imyeong-kwan)
Broken wall and traditional buildings

The very nice buildings and the fence were built just a couple of years ago.  Someone must have struck the fence with a truck or some heavy equipment.  This is city property and it’s downtown so I imagine it will be repaired soon.

Woman walking past wall painting of wrestlers.
Woman walking past wall painting of wrestlers.

This was my second trip to this alley.  The first time I made a photo of just the wrestlers and the alley and then a similar one of a man walking away from me.  I wasn’t satisfied with either of these so I went back a few days later and waited to see who might pass by.  This was the best result.  The red jacket stands out from the background, my timing was good, and her stance is something like a warrior’s.  The paper is held out like a sword and she looks to be marching.  I wish I could have gotten more of the wrestler’s foot in the frame but I think the woman in red makes up for it.

Walls with plants

I am still going through older photographs in Lightroom to find things worth posting here.  I have a number of photos left in my Fit for Posting collection and three of them involve dead plants and walls.  If you’ve looked through my galleries then the first photo will look familiar.  It’s almost the same photo but this one cuts out the thatched roof and it was taken with the Hipstamatic application.  I have a black and white version of this photo as well!  I’ll try to find it some day.

Dead plants and live plants against a traditional wall
Dead plants and live plants against a traditional wall
Dead plant leaning against wall.
Dead plant leaning against wall.
Winter vines on wall with gas tank in background.
Winter vines on wall with gas tank in background.