Child Climbing Stairs

Child climbing stairs, Ojukheon, 2007
Child climbing stairs, Ojukheon, 2007

Everything in the marshlands looked great through the viewfinder of the Contax 645 this morning, though the film might show me more inferior scenes in a few days when I get to see it. I usually manage to ruin a number of frames through stupidity and carelessness.

While I’m waiting for the film to be developed and scanned, here is a 2007 photo of a child climbing the stairs at an historical site. Ojukheon is usually overrun by busloads of tourists but if you get there at the right time you can set up the camera and make some photos in relative peace.

A few more from Australia

While I’m waiting for more film to get developed, I thought I would share a few more photographs I made during my trip to Australia in 2007.

My wife and I took a train from Brisbane to Sydney and although the trip was very long I enjoyed every minute of it. I wish trains went everywhere in the world, even over oceans. Although flying is convenient, it is a thoroughly unpleasant experience. But I digress. In Sydney we visited the Opera House and I made a number of photos with my Nikon D70.



I made a couple of photos of the whole complex but everyone has done these so I tried to make some photos of sections that I thought were visually interesting.

A week later we were doing a farmstay near Rockhampton. I didn’t take a photo, but I remember signs around that said, “Welcome to Rockhampton. Eat more beef, ya bastards!” As you can guess, it was a cattle farm we stayed on. Besides lying around and enjoying the weather, we also did a tour of the farm on a pickup truck. I used a Fuji Finepix F11 to make this photo of a horse and an Austrian girl. Nothing is in focus and the horizon is tilted but this is one of my favourite photos from the trip.

20070807-0252I also spent time wandering around the farm looking for things to photograph. I came across a rusting car and made this photo.


I would like to visit Australia again someday and I would especially like to stay on this farm again.