Gone and . . . Gone?

There is a lot of construction in Gangneung lately.  I don’t know if it’s because a lot of old buildings are ready to fall down and need to be replaced or if people are getting Olympic fever and trying to make the city look good for 2018.  (The Olympics will be in Pyeongchang County next to Gangneung City but Pyeongchang only has villages and small towns so Gangneung is the place where many visitors will be staying.)  The building in the first photo has disappeared and is being replaced with shiny steel and glass.  It looks cleaner but the old building had character and maybe just needed to be remodelled.  But maybe it wasn’t safe.


The building had a couple of shops on the first floor.  This one made name stamps, keys, copies, and so on.  On the third floor of the building was a geomancer.  The name stamp makers moved down the road a little.  I don’t know where the geomancer went.


This is another building and it hasn’t disappeared yet.  I’m not sure about the chesterfield.  I don’t know if it was put in front of this back door in the hope that the town council would take it away or if it’s a place to sit and have a smoke.  In both photos you can see a cobweb approach to wiring.



This dog found a very nice place to take an afternoon nap.  Did he dream of fish, I wonder?
(iPhone, Hipstamatic)


His dream, if he had one, probably didn’t look like this.  These small fish were placed in shallow baskets on a pedestrian bridge to dry.
(Zeiss Ikon, Planar 2/50, Kodak Tri-X 400)


This friend is sitting on the waste basket looking like a king of Egypt.  A sleepy king.
(iPhone, Hipstamatic)


This friend is not so lucky.  Some farmer tied this stuffed bear to a post and a stick with an awful lot of rope to stop him from escaping.  Is this supposed to work as a scarecrow?  It unsettled me but maybe crows don’t mind.
(Zeiss Ikon, Planar 2/50, Kodak Tri-X 400)