Gyeongpo Lake and Wetlands in Winter

During the winter I made three trips to Gyeongpo Lake and the wetlands park next to it. Once with my Contax 645 and a huge tripod and twice with the Fuji X-Pro 1. On one occasion I also stopped by the birthplace of Heogyun. These photos are all digital.

20160209-003 heogyun birthplace wall vines
Clay wall and vines
20160209-004 heogyun birthplace cellar
A cellar (I think)
20160209-008 gyeongpo lake wetlands lotus boardwalk
Wetlands boardwalk
20160209-010 gyeongpo lake wetlands crane
An egret or crane on the frozen wetlands
20160209-011 gyeongpo lake wetlands tree reed
Island in the wetlands
20160209-012 gyeongpo lake wetlands ferry ice
There is a rope-drawn ferry in the wetlands park that is fun to use. 
20160209-013 gyeongpo lake hyundae hotel ice duck
Gangneung is a great place to look at ducks in the winter. Many species come from up north and stay until the spring.
20160209-015 gyeongpo lake statue
Statues along the lake are of figures from Korean stories.

Gyeongpo Wetland Park Ferry

One of my favourite places to cycle on weekdays is the Gyeongpo Wetland Park in Gangneung.  From Monday to Friday, especially in the morning, there are almost no people there.  The trails are uncluttered by meandering tourists and there are no cars in sight.  Today I took a path I didn’t notice before and came upon a small rope punt.  I had never used one before so it was a great opportunity to have a new experience.  I had my bicycle with me but no one else was around so I could but the bike on the punt and pull myself across.  It isn’t hard to do but the boat is a bit tippy so you need to be careful.

Rope-powered punt in Gyeongpo Wetlands Park
Rope-powered punt in Gyeongpo Wetlands Park
Rope-powered punt in Gyeongpo Wetlands Park
Rope-powered punt in Gyeongpo Wetlands Park

You can see the life preservers on each wharf (dock?) and one in the boat.  I don’t know how deep the water is but I suppose someone can drown even in shallow water.  Better safe than sorry.

For people who look at post categories, you can see I have added a new one called ‘Just Looking’.  This is for photos I take while out for walks or just interesting things I see.  I half-heartedly promise not to post pictures of my lunch or tea . . . .