New Project and a Street Photo

A few years ago I had an exhibition of traditional Korean scenes made by the Hipstamatic iPhone application. I was pleased with the results but I wanted to do another collection of traditional Korean scenes using a regular camera. I have many such photos from years past but for this project I want to make all new photographs. I think I can do better now or at least make photographs of the same quality.

Last week I went to the birth house of Heogyun and his sister (whose name is long and difficult for me to remember) and came away with twenty-seven photographs. Most of those didn’t make it past my selection process at home so today I present you with three photographs. Two made at the house and one on a street on the way home.

Roof Shadow on Wall




Fence Fragment

Cardboard Lady

In Korea there are thousands of mostly older people who collect cardboard and other recyclables from the street.  They get their recyclables from garbage collection areas, in front of shops (some shop owners put their empty boxes next to the door because they know the cardboard collectors will be around), and the side of the street.  They make their money by bringing cans and cardboard to a recycling centre but I think the government should give them a wage as well.  The city collectors come by just a couple of times a week but these people with their carts are going around all day.

Cardboard collector
Cardboard collector
Cardboard collector and car
Cardboard collector and car