April Photos

April was not a great month for photography. The weather was generally awful, with lots of wind. What’s more, I didn’t know what I wanted to make photos of, so I ended up making very few photos. Still, I got out now and then and I’m sharing my favourite photos on this page.

Downtown Gangneung

Here is a little of the chaos that is downtown Gangneung. The crowds are nothing compared to Myeongdong in Seoul, but the wires strung everywhere and the signs all over the buildings make up for it.


These two ladies took a moment to relax on a stone bench. There are a number of streets in the downtown area that are car-free. That’s quite nice, but I wish the police would keep an officer or two around to catch the madmen on scooters.

Drying skates

A shop near the market that sells dried seafood. There are always a number of skates drying on this wall. I’m not sure if that wiring is up to code or not . . .

Couple sweaters

Some young couples, and even some older couples, like to wear the same outfits to be cute. This couple look like they’ve seen something horrifying down that dark hallway. I screwed up the exposure in this photo. The sweaters were overexposed because the background was so dark. Even really good cameras can’t get everything right.

Neighbour’s house

This photo was made from my third floor apartment with a longish lens. This home owner has planted lots of trees and hedges and it looks quite lovely. A few days later there were some nice pink flowers to the left of the house.

Mountain Killer 1

The city is flattening a hill to put up some utility poles. I made three photographs of this digger (what’s the proper name?) and couldn’t decide which one I liked best so I uploaded all three. You can choose one.

Mountain Killer 2

Graphically, I think I like this one the best.

Mountain Killer 3

I guess this photo shows best how much damage is being done. The construction (destruction?) company recently put up a tall aluminium wall around the site so I can’t make any more photos.

Old tree near the provincial medical centre

Old trees in Korea often have a plaque explaining the age of the tree and if it’s significant for some reason. I couldn’t see a plaque for this tree, even though it seems quite old. I think it’s a gingko tree. I like the gnarled limbs of the tree against the very straight lines of the apartments in the background.

Village of Jumunjin, Gangneung

I bought a 180mm lens for my Nikon cameras and decided to visit the village of Jumumjin, which is in Gangneung city limits. 180mm isn’t long enough to make documentary style close-ups of birds but it’s long enough to show them in their environment. A gull on rocks. This photo could have been made anywhere in the world.

Jumunjin Harbour and lighthouse.

A long lens helps me to get close-ups, but it also lets me compress a scene so that the lighthouse doesn’t look tiny in the background. There’s something odd about this composition but I can’t figure out what it is. The position of the lighthouse? The boat in the lower right?

Child Rock

More gulls on rocks. This rock is called Child Rock, and people came/come here to pray for children. Usually sons. On the bottom of the rock you can see a plaque describing what it is. This little park was closed to the public that morning but the 180mm saved the day!


Many people come to Jumunjin to buy fresh seafood and watch the sunrise on New Year’s Day. That’s why there are so many hotels along the seafront.

Lighthouse and fishing boat

Another view of the lighthouse and breakwater, with a fishing boat leaving the harbour. Another photo I almost like but something is bothering me about it. Maybe that sky is too dull.


Where’s there’s fishing, there’s cats. This fellow was having a snooze on the roof but got annoyed when he heard me getting into position to make a photo.

Handcart and outhouse

I guess this is an outhouse. Could it be a shed? A bit small for a shed. The main attraction here is the hand-pulled cart, which I’ve photographed before.

Cart and outhouse

A slightly different angle and closer.

Meow 2

I was photographing this decrepit building when a cat came out of the alley and sat down. He looked around, cleaned himself a bit, cried at me for taking his photo, and then went away.

Meow 3

A reflection of my cat in the refigerator.

Meow 4

“Hey, I’m bored of all these photos. Stop posting and come scratch my head.” Well, the cat is right. Enough photos for this time. I hope you enjoyed some of them.