Mobile Monday – University Cat

The university has an unofficial cat commonly known as “CU”, after the convenience store where he often lies about. He sleeps anywhere, wanders the women’s dormitory, and gets attention from students all day long. One employees keeps food and water outside the entrance to one building for him and other people feed him when they have something on them. If I started napping at random spots around the campus, would students pet me and give me their leftover fried chicken and pizza? They’d probably call an exterminator . . . .



2 thoughts on “Mobile Monday – University Cat

  1. When I was in college, at a small engineering school in Indiana, our dorm had a cat. One of the deans lived in an apartment attached to our dorm and his family got a kitten. He used to wander around the dorm — I have no idea how this tiny cat climbed all those stairs — and come visit us all. We named him Bogart, after the building we lived in (Baur-Sames-Bogart Hall).

    1. A young cat now lives at an historical house I visit for photography. She seems to be doing okay because she’s not skinny like some other street cats and her fur is nice and soft. And she’s not afraid of people. Which means people are kind to her. She’s my unofficial assistant when I’m there, though she’s not helpful since she keeps knocking the tripod legs about and lying on my feet. But she’s a cutie.

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