I’ll just be a minute


Although it looks as though this woman has dropped her bike on the pavement and is going into Homeplus to score some deals, the bicycle doesn’t belong to her. It looks like someone parked their bicycle in the middle of the sidewalk (not uncommon) and it either blew over or someone knocked it over by accident or out of badness.
The shadow of Yours Truly is in the lower left.


11 thoughts on “I’ll just be a minute

    1. Homeplus is Tesco. When they first opened in Korea, you could get lots of nice teas (Tesco Finest, etc.), Walker shortbread, and other yummy British goods, but those things have mostly disappeared. People like the local snacks, I guess.

      1. Ah thanks – didn’t know that – I’ll be going to Tescos tonight – want me to pick you up anything?

      2. I can get it online, actually, but not the cheap-but-good stuff like Tesco Finest or Tetley. I’ve recently started drinking loose leaf tea. Nicer than tea bags, but more inconvenient.

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