Mobile Monday

If my iPhone had wide angle, normal, and short telephoto lenses, I might very well throw away all my camera equipment and make all my photos using Hipstamatic. Phone filters are often a gimmick used to make boring photographs look interesting, but when you have a good photograph to begin with, a filter can bring out something a little extra special.


This boat and sculling oar (?) is set on concrete blocks in the very shallow Gyeongpo Lake. You can probably see that the bottom of the boat is filled with water. It’s attached to a wharf, and tourists can carefully make their way out to one of the seats for selfies. I prefer the boat in a non-occupied state.


Shooting buds into space.


I made the same photo on 35mm film, but I haven’t gotten it developed yet. I think the square format was probably better for this scene, but I might be pleasantly surprised.

2 thoughts on “Mobile Monday

  1. They’re nice results, but I have to admit, I’d never use a fltered program . . but that’s just me!

    1. I did an exhibition a few years ago of traditional Korean buildings and scenes using this program on an iPhone 4. The filter added a bit of mystery to the traditional scenes. But it’s not for everyone. And a boring photo of one’s lunch is still a boring photo, no matter how many filters and hashtags you add.

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