Post Office Scooter

20180328-002-015My wife told me that the Post Office will be switching from scooters to small electric cars in the near future, so this sidewalk-terror might soon be a thing of the past. Unless they drive the cars on the sidewalks as well . . . . .


10 thoughts on “Post Office Scooter

  1. That’s a shame – the scooter has more character! You rarely see ones with the fairings like that on the front over here these days – they all disappeared in the 1980’s.
    You know now of course, that you’ll need to take a pic of an electric car in the same place . . .

      1. A photographic legend once said to me “Be bold”.
        You’ve never met them, the’ve never met you. Just go and ask if you can take their photo. Certainly you’ll get known as the crazy Canadian, but daft notoriety is often good!

      2. I do that sometimes, when the person is not doing something illegal. Riding scooters on the sidewalk is illegal but nobody bothers to enforce it. But try to take a photo and suddenly you’re the bad guy who needs a lesson.

      3. If I remember correctly, that was how Paul Strand got some of his famous photographs, such as the blind lady. He gave it up when someone called him on it one day.

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