Mobile Monday – Bus Stop

downtown bus stop

While my bicycle had a flat tyre, I was forced to take buses and taxis everywhere. Taxis are too expensive to use every day, so I had to spend a lot of time waiting around at bus stops. There was half an hour to kill until the next bus for my apartment arrived, so I decided to make a few photos instead of staring at my feet. This was the only survivor of the day.

3 thoughts on “Mobile Monday – Bus Stop

    1. Thanks. I don’t think I made any photos in the bus. The camera sound effects on phones can’t be turned off in Korea, so everyone knows when you’ve pressed the shutter button. I read it’s to prevent pervs from doing upskirt photographs. But a bit pointless now that mirrorless cameras have silent electronic shutters. Maybe those will be required to have cowbells hung from them.

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