He looks like he might be trying to escape these ultra-modern apartments being put up in the background. But there is no escaping. While the population of Gangneung slowly goes down, more and more apartment buildings go up. Vacation homes for rich Seoulites who come for the skiing and the beach? Maybe construction is driven by speculation.

One of the lovely things about the city is that from almost everywhere you can see the mountains in the background. It’s a welcome relief from all the concrete, cars, and rubbish.

This man became curious about what I was making photos of, and when he got past me he turned around and hovered behind, staring in the direction my camera was pointing. His expression told me that he couldn’t see anything of interest and he eventually went away. The point of interest was, of course, himself.

(The version on this website is quite soft, while the version on my computer is sharp and clear. Maybe I forgot to click ‘sharpen for screen’ when exporting or something.)

6 thoughts on “Escape

  1. That road Marcus – does it go anywhere? It looks unused . . .
    And have you climbed those mountains – are they accessable?
    It’ll be property price speculation putting those apartments up – same everywhere in the world!

    1. The road ends at the bridge . . . and then carries on after it. You can walk under the bridge if you are careful, but bikes and cars can’t get past. The mountains are accessible and there are walking paths, a sheep farm (for tourists), wind farms, cabbage farms, and so on at the top. It’s quite nice.

      1. Ha. I might get there by dawn. I think a local bus goes to the base of the mountain, but it’s maybe once or twice a day. There are villages at the top of the mountain and I could take intercity bus there. But I don’t think they go there very often. And not to the interesting places.

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