Faceless Buddha

Who knows how this Buddha lost his face? Accident, overzealous Confucians, a natural crack in the stone that finally came apart after a thousand years, or just ordinary vandalism. Some stone statues of Buddha have no noses because it was once believed that scratching off a bit and eating it would give you a son. That doesn’t seem to be the case here, since the face appears to have come off at once.

A large temple once stood at this site but all that remains now are this statue, banner poles, and a few small pagodas. I sometimes wonder what relics will remain of our time after a thousand or more years. Maybe the shells of high-rise apartment buildings, though I don’t know how long concrete lasts.

Nikon F6, Provia 100F film


2 thoughts on “Faceless Buddha

  1. that’s very strange – it almost looks like it has been polished.

    As for concrete – roman concrete is still doing well in certain places!

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