It’s been a month since I wrote or posted anything here. All my photos seemed very dull and I had nothing to say about them or anything else . . . .

But it’s a good idea to practise my writing, and showing my words to the public will force me to be more careful than I am when writing for myself in a journal. Also, when I look through folders of photos on my computer trying to decide what to share, the boring photos suddenly look extremely boring, and it’s a bit easier to choose the good ones. Amazing what the threat of public shame can do.

Anyway, here a couple of photos I made last month at the birthplace of Heogyun. These are photos of one building’s interior, carefully composed with tripod, some patience, and a little bit of cursing when I couldn’t get the tripod legs set up just right.

A closet. Based on the traditional houses I’ve seen in other places, the closet and hooks seem like a more modern addition to a very old house. But I could very well be wrong.
You can see the closet again on the left edge of this photo. 

I’ve been visiting the buildings at this site for quite a few years, but every time I go I still see things in a different way. Creating beautiful pictures is nice, but one of the nicest things about photography is how it teaches you to see the world and its details from so many perspectives.

One thought on “Closet

  1. I like these Marcus – nice to have you back btw!
    There’s a quietness to them – would be great to see them on B&W with a 10×8 ‘;0)

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