12 thoughts on “Going Somewhere and Going Nowhere

  1. I like the first one Marcus -someone is going somewhere and we don’t know where . . . there aren’t many bus station pictures out there!
    My all time fave is Stranger In Town by Eugene Smith . . worth seeking out.

    1. Thanks, Phil. I have a collection of Eugene Smith’s photo essays, but I don’t think Stranger in Town is in it. Great photo. Thanks for telling me about it.

      1. Yeah it is one of his earlier ones – made on a Rollei to by the look of it. Always makes me think every time I see it.

      1. I always passed on the turnip when I was young. I managed a carrot now and then. Potatoes, meat, sweet corn, dressing, and gravy only, thank you very much! Oh, and maybe some pickled beets.

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