Black and White. And Colour

One fine day in January I decided to make some black and white photographs with my digital camera. I was frustrated with using film because of the expense, the difficulty, and what I thought would be poor results. Rolls of film were piling up on my shelf and I didn’t want to send them off for development for fear of disappointment. So I took the 50mm off my F6, attached it to the D810, and headed downtown.


I have made photos of this truck parked by the riverside before but from the other side and including most of the vehicle. The strong line of the shadow attracted me on this day and I shifted about until I came up with this minimalist (?) composition.


I think I can call this another minimalist composition. The top of a building, the tips of some trees, and a few wisps of cloud.


And my third simple composition. The poem has nothing to do with the scooter. It’s something like, “While rambling across the winter field, I decided not to thoughtlessly say that I had not gained a thing.” Once a month or so the building management puts up a new poetry quote on the outside wall. Quite nice, I think.


The camera was in black and white mode when I made this photo but I switched it to colour after I got home. The green bus is barely visible in the monochrome version but it’s supposed to be the main point of the photo.

I eventually sent off the film for developing and got the slides back a couple of days ago. Not quite the disaster I was expecting . . . .


5 thoughts on “Black and White. And Colour

  1. Great photos, all of them. That sign in the 3rd black and white photo. Is it a poem? If so, is there a poet’s name printed at the bottom (which is not visible to me)? If so, who is the poet?

    1. Thanks for the compliments. I’m not sure if it’s a complete poem or not, but the poet is Heo Hyeongman (허형만) and the poem is called 겨울 들판을 거닐며.

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