A Pile of Pixels

People may remember my decision some time ago to use only slide film in the future to get the wonderful colours and tones of colour while still having very high-quality photos that don’t need to be scanned for editing. Although slide film is expensive, I could keep costs down by thinking more carefully before pressing the shutter release button.

This was put in danger a few weeks ago when I thought that I might not have a job next year. I immediately went into Savings Mode and stopped buying luxuries like film and restaurant meals. So, for the past few weeks, I’ve been doing all my photography on a digital camera. Not exactly what I wanted but it’s better than not doing photography at all.

Luckily, a few days ago I was reassured that my job is stable and I don’t have to worry about getting axed. This morning I sent off a few rolls of film for development and scanning. While I’m waiting for those, I thought I would post a few of the digital photos I made during the past few weeks. By a few, I mean several dozens. You might want to get up in the middle of this post and make a pot of tea.


Hedge Berries and Winter Vines
I like the contrast between the berries and the dead vines. A decent photo, but made on a compact camera so the image quality isn’t great.


I’m not sure what Sandy’s Sandwich’s story is. The Korean words on the back of the truck say “dumplings” and “steamed bread”.


Streetlamp over Concrete Wall
The mountains and clouds painted on this wall don’t really match the barbed wire and evil-looking light pole.


It almost looks this scooter has been tied on.


I think I posted a film version of this photo some time ago.


Equipment used in renovating a building.


The building being renovated is behind many strips of felt(?). You can rent one of 9 floors if you call the number.




Foreign tourists in the spotlight.


I like making photos of things lying around in alleys.







Pipes next to a field in Rock Island Valley


Reflection of a transmission tower in field puddle.


View of my apartment complex from Rock Island Valley. Can you see my cat in the window? Neither can I.


Apartment stairwell.


Out behind the gym


Anmok Breakwater


Woman with eggs




Half Person




Sidewalk veggies




Going for a smoke


Fortune Teller


More things in alleys


Early morning shoe shop


Don’t go


Hand-pulled cart


No Parking


View from a convenience store


Kingdom Singing Room


No parking except for golf club members – Park and get towed – Not responsible for damage to vehicles – No Parking – No Parking


Under the bridge


For Rent – moved to Daegu


Alley Window




Dimension Door


























I hope you enjoyed the pile of pixels. Digital is very convenient and I like the colours from the D810 but there is still a feeling I get from film that I don’t get from digital. I have a number of prints on my office wall and the digital photograph is my least favourite despite the content and composition being good. It’s difficult to understand technically because my mind doesn’t run that way. This morning I was thinking the difference is like reading a poem printed from a laser printer and reading the same poem handwritten by the author. Hmm, that’s still not it, really. I’ll probably never be able to express the feeling. I like film.




12 thoughts on “A Pile of Pixels”

  1. You’ve been busy – there’s actually a number of these I rather like too, so they’re not all tainted with the digi-brush. I know what you mean though – I find it hard to like any of the digital photos I’ve made – that might change if I actually printed them, but just viewing them on a screen doesn’t lend itself to the whole photo experience if you know what I mean.

    As for your job – I hope it is safe. It is a very uncertain world we live in. I was speaking to a customer who hadn’t ordered from us in a while and when I asked he said he was unemployed. He was a taxi driver, an official one, but by the time he factored in his license fees and all the stuff you have to comply with and pay as a ‘proper’ taxi driver, he was making no money from it, because of a huge drop in the number of fares . . courtesy of . . Uber. Thing is he’d been a driver all his life. It’s the same in London too – all those black cab drivers are losing their business . . same in NY too! Everything is incredibly uncertain.
    Anyway, hope you are safe.

    And sorry for lack of comms – been DIY-ing.

    1. I’ve set up my camera for neutral colours, medium contrast and so on, and I make sure exposure is good. I don’t do anything with them after they leave the camera so I think I’ve avoided the photo-drama look you often get from overuse of software. I don’t like digital prints on regular glossy paper but they improve much on something like premium matte.
      I should be getting high-quality scans back from the lab in a day or two so look out for those. Some Provia 100F and some Portra 400. No doubt I’ll see all the mistakes I missed on the lightbox . . . .
      Thanks for the comments. Always welcome.

  2. I found this page while I was searching for my favorite GR10. I am Korean and live in Seoul. It is very interesting to see foreigners looking at cities other than Seoul. Gangreung good? Keep going nice works.

    1. I never liked the colours I got from the D70 and the D300 I used to own (one of the reasons I switched to Fuji for a while) but the Neutral setting on the D810 is really quite nice.

  3. Particularly liked the pylon reflection and woman carrying eggs.
    I know what you mean about digital versus film. Finally got too hard to access and get transparency film developed here in NZ. I don’t know but suspect part of it is the softer contrast with digital (greater dynamic range) I miss the strong colours I used to get in evening light with black shadows. Also doesn’t help that I can’t afford decent digital kit but the waterproof compact I’ve been using has opened new opportunities too.

    1. Thank you for the comment. It’s very difficult to describe the difference between film and digital but contrast could very well have something to do with it. The colour palette is different is as well. That, of course, changes from camera to camera and film to film so maybe it’s not a good way to talk about the difference. Anyway, a good photo is a good photo, even if I prefer the look of film more.

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