When I sent away my two rolls of Agfa CT Precisa 100 for development, I also sent two rolls of negatives. A roll of Ektar 100 and a roll of Portra 400. The kitty-cat above is from the Ektar and it was made on the Zeiss Ikon ZM sitting on a tripod. You have to get the cats when they are sleepy or making a photo of them with a manual focus rangefinder is impossible.  This photo turned out well, but I can rarely get colours I’m satisfied with from Ektar. I don’t know why I bought five rolls of the stuff for my test . . . .

I’m still editing the photos from the negative film on my computer and the slide film on my lightbox. I love looking at slides in a lightbox, but it can be a bit hard on the eyes. I thought I was going blind this evening but I just forgot to focus the loupe. 🙂 I’m going to mount the best slides once I’ve finished my final selection and then send them away for scanning. I don’t want to ruin the film with clumsy fingers, so I’ve been pulling old slide film out of my 2006 binder to practise cutting and mounting. 2006 is when I first started using slides film and most the photos from that time are just exercises I did for a photo class. It was a bit of a massacre at first, but I’m getting pretty straight cuts now. I should have enough skill in mounting slides by the time I’m ready to do it with my latest film.

Going through the trouble of getting a perfect exposure, sending the film away for expensive development, and then peering at the photos on a lightbox seems the photographic equivalent of wearing a hairshirt, but holding a mounted slide in my hand makes me feel like I’ve really created something. It’s not a collection of 1s and 0s and it’s not a scanner’s interpretation of negative film — it’s a finished and unique thing.


2 thoughts on “Filler”

  1. Hi Marcus – I agree about slides!
    As for trimming 35mm well, I use a proper film cutter – Hama – took a bit of getting used to and also putting some dayglow ink on the cutting blade on the flat part, so I could see what i was doing, but it works well.
    You’ve not lived until you’ve trimmer film that was exposed in a Barnack Leica – the spacing (all totally even btw) defies the mind – it’s really hard!
    That’s a nice moggie . ..

    1. Long, long ago, I had a Matin film cutter that did 35mm and medium format film. Gone now, and no longer available. Maybe I can order one from eBay or something. Or look around for the Hama. The Matin cutter had a translucent bottom so that you could use it on a lightbox.
      I used a craft knife and ruler at first but that was hard on the slides and the ruler or knife often slipped and ruined the slide. Scissors are working better for me, but if the photograph has dark edges then it’s almost impossible to see where the photo ends and the inter-photo space begins. Hours of fun.
      The moggie is quite lovely. Until the crazy hour strikes. It’s infectious, so I often find myself chasing him up and down the hall.

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