Slides are back

But not edited or scanned.


In the past, I had a cheap x-ray light box but got rid of it some years ago when moving. I recently bought a very thin LED lightbox that just fits a sleeve of slides. It was originally designed for animators but works well for x-rays, slides, and so on. On the sleeve of film are the 50mm lens of my Zeiss Ikon rangefinder and a Schneider 10x loupe. The 50mm is great for looking at a whole slide and the 10x magnifier is good for checking details.

The film I got back today is Agfa Precisa CT 100. It has good colour, even on cloudy days without a filter. In a previous post I mentioned (I think) that I was going to be careful when using slide film to reduce waste and costs. From my brief look at the film I can see that while there might not be more keepers, there are at least fewer mistakes. The slides look darker in this photo than they really are, by the way. Except for one or two mistakes, exposure was good.

I’m looking forward to going carefully through the photos and choosing a few that will get good scans and then printed. And shared here, of course,


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