28/C200 Project – First Rolls+

I have finally finished editing the first few rolls of film for my 28/C200 project. I ordered high quality scans. Scans large enough to get 8x10s if I want them. It just cost a little more when getting film developed and the lab does some minimal adjustments rather than just yanking the film through the scanner. In the spirit of the film, which is for holiday snaps and casual photography, I spent almost no time adjusting colours or anything. I trimmed or cropped a few and then clicked Auto Tone or another preset in Lightroom. Actually, I think the presets do a better job than I can. Depressing.

The first two photos in this post are not part of the project, but they were developed with the colour film and done on a 28mm lens so I am including them.

20170819-001-006I looked out my window one noisy morning and saw this fellow cutting the apartment’s grass with a weed cutter. You can’t see it well in this black and white photo, but the ‘gardeners’ employed by the apartment just raze everything to the ground, and there are patches of dirt showing here and there. Why do a job well when you get paid anyway and can move on quickly to another job?

20170819-001-027There is probably some draconian National Security law that forbids me from making photos of soldiers, but this guy is hardly in the frame. I can’t remember if the window was wet, dirty, or a combination of both.


Have you seen photos of the colourful changing rooms on the beaches of Britain and Germany? You won’t find those things here. What you get at Anmok beach is prefab changing rooms covered with advertising for fried chicken and Chinese food.


Twigs raked up and piled as part of the daily cleanup of the beach.


The cleaners hadn’t gotten to this part of the beach yet, but I think the waves did a more artistic job of organising the wood.


The breakwaters at Gangnaeung harbour (actually, there would be no harbour without the breakwaters) are popular places for people to come and mug for selfies with their friends and lovers. The breakwaters can be very dangerous in stormy weather, however, and sometimes people are swept away when waves come crashing over the concrete. So, the city puts up warning signs, No Entry gates, and warning sirens that everyone ignores.


Exhausted from the coffee shops and beach walks. Actually, they are probably exhausted from trying to find a parking place.


More exhaustion. He’s licking his paws before going into another four hour nap.


This dog wasn’t tied to a door frame like many unfortunate animals. His owner was taking him for a walk and stopped to sit on the curb for a few minutes. I thought the photo would be more interesting with just the dog. The owner thought it was funny that I made the photo. “He’s taking your picture. Look at the camera, ha ha!”


This man wasn’t happy about the camera. I waited until he lit up his fag and took the first puff before making this photo. I pretended I was interesting in the bus. When he realised I took his photo he said, “Did you take a picture of me!?” I pretended I didn’t speak Korean and pointed vaguely in the direction of the bus. Then left the area. The alley is a no smoking area but no one cares.


A woman selling fruit. The money got overexposed and it just looks like blank paper.


I “pretended” to be a foreigner to make this photograph. I waited until she looked at me and then I pointed to my camera and then to the food. She nodded and I made the photo.

20170820-001-025This time I just squatted a little bit and made a photo of the rice cakes.

20170820-001-030I stood in this spot for five minutes or so waiting for someone interesting to come by and complete the composition. I liked this woman’s headscarf and shirt so I clicked.


A few seconds later this girl arrived (you can see her in the previous photo) and, by a lucky coincidence, this old man walked past me. 20170820-001-033

Near the bus stop was this truck selling chillies. There are a few dried ones on the tailgate.


I was feeling brave when I made this one. I meant to make the photo of them exchanging money and then run along, but I got the focus wrong or something and by the time I pressed the shutter button they had finished and were turned towards me. Click. I nodded and rushed off.


While waiting for the bus to bring me to the countryside, I made a couple of photos around the bus stop. One woman saw me making the photo.

20170820-002-003Waiting for a bus.


A bus brought me just outside the city where there was a collection of scarecrows from some sort of festival or crafts day. This funny-looking lady caught my attention.


I waited almost half an hour for someone, anyone to come by and complete the composition. I was lucky to get this man and his wife pass by on quad instead of a boring car.


While waiting for a bus, I stood on a large rock and got the Bus sign and a passing bus into the frame. It would have been better if I had waited half a second longer to press the shutter button but I was worried about the bus driving out of frame. These guys fly so timing is difficult.

Fujicolor C200 film seems to blow out red easily but I really like the colour of the ocean in the earlier photos and the greens of the fields. The heavy grain gives the photos a nice character and the photos are sharp when I get the focus correct. And the price is good. I don’t think I would use this for exhibition photos but it’s great for walking around.


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