Digital Fun

The scans and prints from the first few rolls of my 28mm/Fujicolor C200 project have arrived but I am still editing. Using a wide angle lens is challenging because there is so much to organise in the frame but I got a few good results. Watch this space.

Meanwhile, today I turned on the Hipstamatic App on my iPhone and made a couple of photos. Very enjoyable, especially since I haven’t used it much since my iTraditional project a few years ago. I might use Hipstamatic as a side project when I don’t have my F6 with me. The iPhone’s camera is wide angle and the colours are interesting. Another way to shake me out of my slump.

2018 Olympics women’s ice hockey rink in Gangneung.
Wolhwa Folk Market, downtown Gangneung.

Mobile phone cameras might not be ‘serious’ cameras and Hipstamic only good for hipster scum, but they are a lot of fun.

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