Summer is never a good season for me because of the heat and the humidity. Sweat runs down my arms and gets on my cameras and it’s hard to think straight about a composition when my body feels like it’s being steamed like a dumpling. But this year the situation is worse because I feel like I’ve reached the limits of my technique and creativity while still wanting to be a better photographer. It’s very frustrating.

I recently started looking and thinking more seriously about my photographs because I want to know how I might break out of this slump and become a better photographer. I tried to think about what makes a good photograph. Technique, including composition and lighting, is a big one. A good photo should also say something, even if it’s as simple as ‘people park motorcycles on sidewalks in Korea’. A great photo will get people to think differently about a subject by what’s included in the frame and how it’s arranged. A third way to make a ‘keeper’ is to record something for the future. Documentary. I think I am good at composition and design but not that great at saying something by using design in a thoughtful way. Perhaps I should go through my photo albums to see if I have any photos like that and try to make more.

I also wonder if something other than a lack of talent is preventing me from making good photographs. I sometimes feel stuck because I have no car and I end up going to the same places all the time. Downtown, Anmok beach, the river mouth, and occasionally a couple of historical sites that are within the city but not on frequent bus routes. Maybe that’s an excuse. I could probably make more interesting photos at the beach and downtown if I weren’t so shy of people. But there are lots of great photos without people in them so that’s possibly just another excuse.

Should I just take a long break from making pictures? If I’m not doing photography, maybe my mind will work on some ideas in the background and I can use these when I pick up the camera again. Maybe. But more than likely I’ll just get out of practice and lose my skills. So not a rest, then. But a change is as good as a rest, no? I’ve been using my D810 with a 50mm lens for just about everything so maybe I need to put those aside and use something else. A couple of my favourite photos were made using a point and shoot camera and the very cheap C200 negative film produced by Fuji. The film has very bright colours and it’s difficult to get a bad exposure with it. The camera had a 28mm lens in it for a wide view and good depth of field. I think I’ll order some of that film and stick a 28mm lens on my Nikon F6. Or buy a cheap point and shoot? The one I had broke, unfortunately. It was a great Ricoh camera.

Here are the two photos I mentioned made on C200 film:



They almost look like paintings because of the grain and colours. I’m definitely going to order some C200 film and see if I can’t make some photos like this again.

Well, I feel better after writing this . . . .


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