Trip to Gohan, Part IIII


A view of ‘downtown; Gohan from up by the train station.


Looking down the street instead of up. This composition is not bad, actually. I waited for two cars coming in opposite directions to fill out the empty space of the street.


More mining art.


Another kitty-cat enjoying a rest.


Supper! You can’t order a single serving of meat in a meat restaurant because, I suppose, they lose too much money on the side dishes. Especially these days when the price of vegetables has skyrocketed because of the drought ealier this spring. I ordered two servings which, as you can see, is not really that much anyway. It’s unusual for a person to eat alone in a restaurant like this. Usually people come with friends or family.


A very thin building.


Laundry day.


On the train home there was a large group of teenagers going to Donghae. It might be difficult to see, but the girl on the right is holding up a small mirror to do makeup and check the roller in her bangs.

I had a nice rest in Gohan but photographically it was more or less a disaster. There was no theme to my photos and I am probably too shy to do documentary photography. The next time I travel somewhere I will do the detailed, abstract photography that I am better at.

Lesson learned.


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