Potato Pancakes

It’s hard to make photos in the summer because of the harsh sunlight and the humidity, but the other day I got downtown on a cloudy and slightly cool day with my camera. Most of what I did isn’t worth showing and, in fact, they are now in my computer’s rubbish heap. I did keep a couple of interesting photos and a series of photos showing potato pancakes being cooked in a market shop. I am hoping that this will make up for the disappointing Gohan photos . . . .


This tricycle scooter is loaded up with green onion and he’s, um, scooting across a four lane avenue illegally. He didn’t notice that the green onions were dragging on the street until an older gentleman on the other side of the road pointed it out to him. This man then stopped to push the green onions up on the footstep before tearing off again. Someone with this much green onion probably runs a restaurant and it’s a bit frightening to think that onion that’s been scraped along a road ended up in someone’s soup.

The main reason I came downtown was to buy a few things at the supermarket. The central market is nearby so I decided to stop by and get something for dinner. I don’t usually buy anything at the market because it’s not the cleanest or neatest place in the world but prepared food there is good. I decided to buy potato pancake from a woman operating a small restaurant and takeaway place.


When you order potato pancakes, she pulls some peeled potatoes out of a bowl of water and grinds them up. She mixes the potato with some green onions (hopefully not from Mr. Scooter’s supply) in a pot she uses as a mixing bowl.


She then dips the end of a radish into a pot of oil and uses that to oil the frying pan. I’ve never seen that before.


The woman then puts the thick batter on the concave frying pan.


She then spreads it out.


A couple of the woman’s friends are sitting inside and having a chat.




The city is renovating the downtown area in preparation for the 2018 Olympics and these guys were putting in television cables right in front of the shop. The workers said “cables for television” to the shop owners, whatever they might be. The owners of the shops and restaurants looked very nervous because quite a few places have already been demolished to make way for a park and a new building. I guess it might not be long before the potato pancake woman is sent on her way to allow new building projects. I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, the small restaurants are pretty grubby and maybe health inspections are not that frequent. On the other hand, the food is good and shiny new restaurants might not be able to replicate the taste.


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