Heogyun’s Birthplace

I’ve posted photos of this place before so I won’t talk about it much. I think that this is the first time I’ve posted black and white digital photos of the location, so at least that’s different. What’s also different is that I went there with someone. I usually like to photograph by myself but it was interesting to show someone else what I think is photogenic. He, of course, had his own ideas of what looks good in the viewfinder.

heogyun trip-1

The sign says, “Please view from the outside and do not enter.” I put the slippers in front of the door as a kind of joke. Okay, next photo . . . .

heogyun trip-2

A number of years ago a temple in Yangyang burnt to the ground and since then fire extinguishers have been a common site at historical sites.

heogyun trip-3

I ‘complained’ to my fellow photographer that it’s difficult to make photos of traditional buildings because there are so few level lines. If a pillar is straight, the door will be slightly tilted. If a door is straight, a beam inside the house will be off. My companion said something like, “It shows the carefree spirit of the Koreans.” I replied, “The builders probably just didn’t get paid enough.”

heogyun trip-4

I can’t decide which of this pair I like more so I am posting both here. Sometimes posting a photo on this website can help me decide whether to print it later or not. Photos that don’t make me feel slightly embarrassed after a day or two get printed.

heogyun trip-5

My companion asked me what I feel when I see this kind of chimney. I told him I feel frustration, because I’ve been trying to make a decent photograph of it for years but haven’t suceeded yet. I think this is the best one yet. Probably because I stopped trying to make a photo of just the chimney and switched to a wide-angle lens to include some of the environment.

heogyun trip-6

I used my iPhone to make a photo of my companion making a photo of the chimney.

heogyun trip-7

I was happy with the iPhone photo so I squat down with the D810 and used flash to illuminate him while he made his photos. The tourist in the background is a nice touch. This might be the best photo I’ve made of this chimney.

heogyun trip-8

Corner and shadow

heogyun trip-9

Outer door, inner door.

heogyun trip-10

Two tilty doors. I think this one will get printed for sure.

heogyun trip-11

Inspecting the bottle of vitamin drink I brought along.

heogyun trip-12

After we tired of making photos we went to a nearby restaurant to have soft tofu. The neighbourhood is famous for the dish and there are many restaurants around. This one used to be good, according to my companion, but we were both very disappointed in what came out on the tray. I’ll be going to a different place next time.

I used the black and white Picture Control on my camera for the visit because of the harsh sun. A bad day for colour but a good one for making graphic images because of the strong contrast. For those who are interested, I did nothing to these photos after transferring them from my camera. I think I had the contrast turned up a little bit in the camera settings. Maybe +1 or +2.  Anyway, good results and I didn’t have to waste time adjusting things in the computer because I was careful about exposure when making the photos. Manual Mode + Spot Meter = Excellent Exposure.


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