The Accidental Camera Bag

The backpack I bought last year at Emart last year no longer met my needs so I decided to replace it. I originally bought it for going back and forth to school but realised later that putting groceries in my backpack on the way home from school was more convenient and environmentally friendly than carrying plastic bags from the shops. The problem was, the bag wasn’t quite big enough to fit a load of groceries into and the large pockets on the front of the bag prevented it from expanding to fit bags of apples and other oddly shaped things. So last weekend I decided to walk around downtown and buy a bigger bag.

I walked around the high street area but didn’t find anything that met my needs so I went to Homeplus to see what they had. There’s an independent merchant on the 4th floor that sells bags and I bought a very good shoulder bag from him last year. After looking around for twenty minutes or so, I found a large back that would fit a lot of groceries, could take oddly shaped packages, and also had a front pocket for carrying pens and so on. In the main compartment was a sleeve for a laptop computer. Perfect. I bought it and came home.

After looking it over again and going through the pockets, I realised that my new backpack would also make an excellent camera bag. Here it is:


You can see the bag is quite long and the front pocket is large. I can fit my wallet, planner, phone, pens, and other things in there.


Lots of little pockets and holders.


The top of the bag completely unzips except for the back. This is an excellent feature. My last bag had a zipper that went across the top and down the sides. It left a narrow space to put things in and sometimes the front of the bag would flop around when the zipper was open all the way.


One side of the bag has a deep pocket that fits my 180mm lens. It will fit a 300mm or possibly even longer lens as well.


The other side of the bag has two smaller pockets. That’s where I keep two of my three other lenses. I usually have a 50mm lens on the camera so the top pocket holds a 28mm lens and the bottom pocket holds an 85mm lens.


It might be hard to tell here, but the pockets and the main compartment have thick padding. Camera bag thickness. This provides good protection for my camera (which goes in the main compartment when travelling) and the lenses. What’s more, the thick padding insulates the bag and refrigerated foods stay cool while I’m coming home from the grocery store. Important when you don’t have a car and you depend on bicycle or buses to get around.

The only bad thing about the bag I have discovered so far it that because it’s so tall and the bottom is not completely flat, I need to be careful when setting it down. Otherwise, it might fall over or fall off a chair. This happened to me with a laptop computer inside. Luckily, the bag is so well padded that the computer was fine. But lesson learned . . . . .

I live in a smallish apartment and space is limited. I was really happy when I found a single bag that could take the place of three: a school bag, a shopping bag, and a camera bag. I don’t know how long this one will last me, though it seems sturdy enough with no loose threads indicating poor manufacture. When this one wears out, I am definitely going to look for something identical.

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