Another Bit of Film, Part 2

As promised, Kittens!

Sleeping kittens

The pet store where I buy cat litter and so on is called, “The Dreaming Cat”. I wonder what these two cuties are dreaming about.

Guard duty

I guess this one is standing guard while its brothers/sisters sleep.

Cat shop owner with a very friendly American short shair.

There are a dozen or so cats living in the pet shop (not for sale) and she has another ten or so at home. She spends a lot of time hoovering . . . .

Waiting at a traffic light

This guy delivers food for a restaurant. He drops off the food at meal time and a couple of hours later comes back for the dishes, which people put just outside their door. These guys drive like maniacs to save time and why wait in line at an intersection when you can stop on the crosswalk to get ahead of the pack when the light changes? Often they don’t even wait for the light to change.

Looking good

This guy’s getting a close shave to look good for the girl in the liquor ad. I think she likes him.

Seedlings, side view

In the spring and summer you can buy seedlings near the downtown market. I think these might be chilli plants.

Seedlings, top view

I don’t know what these might be. But I like the colour.

Unofficial scooter parking

At intersections there are lines to show where cars shouldn’t be. Not that it stops anyone. Some scooters take these car-free zones to be parking areas for two-wheeled vehicles.

Green onions

The shop owner was saying to her friend, “Why’s he taking pictures of that?” I’m not sure myself.

“Do not smoke here”

Or anywhere else, ya bastards.

Address plaque and mail box

Every house and building in Korea has one of these blue plaques showing the street name in Korean and Roman letters as well as the building number. You can be fined if it’s not displayed. On the bottom is the postal code added later as a sticker. I’m not sure if you’re allowed to make your own house number sign or if you must use these government supplied ones. At some point in history the government must have also given out free mail boxes because most of the boxes in Korea are exactly the same. With varying amounts of rust and number of dents.

More cats!

These belong to the vet I go to.

More parking

I suppose the triangle is a bit bicycle-shaped if you look down on it.


I have too many photographs of this scooter and wall.

Dog in front of restaurant.

I don’t know if this is a stray dog or belongs to someone on the street. I’m also not sure if having those gas cyclinders on the street with hoses hanging about is up to code.

Final cat!

Our cat’s favourite place in the apartment. He usually leans on the arm and looks at people and cars passing by. He’s especially interested in children.

Concrete pumping

It’s pretty amazing that something as heavy as concrete can get pumped so high up. Hmm, I think this is where I made the photo of the happy bus in the first part of this post last week.

So, there you are. My latest film photos. The ones I like a lot, like the reed wall for protecting wildlife, will get scanned at 50MB on a high quality scanner in Seoul. Personal photos such as the pet shop lady will get printed at 4×6 so I can put them in my album and give to people. Other photos like the green onions are just for sharing online and will reside on my hard drive.

See you maybe next week!

2 thoughts on “Another Bit of Film, Part 2”

  1. The plaque with the building number is a great idea. Here everyone is supposed to have one plaque but many people just don`t. Which can make it really tough to find an adress sometimes.

    1. Some buildings take them off or don’t get a replacement if they fall off. You can report a building or residence that doesn’t have the plaque but I’m not sure if the owner gets a fine or not. The street name and number system has been in place for over ten years now but no one except couriers and restaurant delivery people bother to use it. Taxi drivers sometimes get angry if you tell them a street name and number because they don’t want to learn any street names.

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