Another Bit of Film, Part 1

I’ve recently edited seven rolls of film, and out of those many, many photos, there are about thirty that I feel comfortable sharing. Thirty is probably too many for one blog post, so I’ll post about half today and half next week. Never say I’m not kind.

There’s no special theme to these posts. They are mostly just photos of things I came across while out on walks.

Happy life through building

I don’t remember where I saw this bus. Downtown? I guess it must be, since that’s where all the tallish buildings are.

Needs new tyres

I have a nice Italian bicycle with racing wheels on it. But Gangneung’s sidewalks can be rough and I sometimes wish I had a mountain bike with front and back shocks. This was made, I think, on a riverside cycling path.

Flower shop dog

This dog came out to say hello when I passed by a greenhouse / flower shop not too far from my apartment building. The owners of the flower shop dump their empty boxes and other garbage in front of the property instead of behind the greenhouse where it might not be seen by customers.

City Hall Bell Pavilion

Sadly, I didn’t get any good photos of the bell, so here’s the pavilion.

Inside City Hall Bell Pavilion

Looking towards Hillstate Apartments. This was made with Kodak Portra 800 and it’s amazing how much highlight and shadow detail I was able to get from the film. Good stuff.

Tourism Sign

This sign hangs over one of the main roads into Gangneung, and it shows Gyeongpo Beach.

Between two buildings

Like this cloud, I wandered lonely through the streets making photos of the neighbourhood where I used to live.

Wood pile

Also in the neighbourhood where I used to live.

Boat on Gyeongpo Wetlands.

Several years ago, the city converted a large area of land into wetlands for a park and a conservation area. It’s a lovely spot to walk around and there are lots of birds to look at. This boat is for the caretakers to use.

Observation area.

Many parts of the wetlands are off limits to visitors and some parts are even protected by a wall so that animals are not disturbed by passersby. A bit more depth of field here would have been nice . . . .


Here’s one of the more dangerous beasts in the park. The bearded film photographer. Listed as nearly extinct. In my hand (it’s a self portrait — thus the head chop) is my D810 that I brought along as a very expensive light meter.

Hotel construction

Condominiums are going up here and there in the tourist areas of the city. The one in the background is huge and an eyesore, but I guess it’s what tourists like. They can watch the sun rise out of the sea in the morning from it.


One side of Gyeongpo Lake has many of these trees. Whatever they are. Anyway, they are very nice.

Marge Simpson and . . . Homer with a wig?

After leaving the lake I came across these paintings on the side of a building. Odd.

Dog and cat love? I guess we can all get along after all.

I’ll leave you with those images to haunt your dreams. Next week . . . . kittens!




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