I only had photos from 2017 on my new computer for a while but a couple of days ago I imported all 25000(!)* of my photos from one of my backups. It all went well but I noticed that everything from November to December of 2016 was missing. I thought maybe Lightroom had missed them in the import for some reason so I checked my backup disk. Nothing there. So I checked another backup disk. Nothing. Maybe I didn’t use digital cameras or scan any film for three months? Unlikely, since I bought the D810 in November. I checked my film folders and found that there’s no film from those three months either. That’s not too strange, considering that I was using digital at the time. I checked my prints binder. Nothing. So where are all my photos? No film, I can understand. No digital photos at all? Impossible. Did Lightroom screw me at some point and erase photos by accident? Did I press a button without noticing and delete three months’ worth of pictures? Perhaps they will turn up someday in an obscure corner of a hard drive, where I moved them by accident when doing something else. Man, the dangers of digital photo management . . . .

Update . . . .

I found the November photos hiding in a folder on another computer that Lightroom hadn’t included in its database. I did a search using year and month because my photos are carefully labelled.  Other photos and sub-folders had been imported by Lightroom, but why not these? Well, it’s probably human (me) error. Still no sign of December’s photos.
It’s tempting to buy a large format camera so that I only make about ten photos a year. Then photo management becomes much easier.
I don’t trust programs that use catalogs and databases very much because they sometimes don’t properly add and delete folders on my hard drive. And if they sometimes screw that up, what might be happening to photos.
What a pain in the arse the whole business is . . . .


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