Slow Typing

(I started another blog to write about things other than photography, but then thought, “Why make my life more complicated?” So I’m moving published posts and drafts over to Marcus Peddle dot Com. It’s chaff with the wheat but I don’t suppose anyone will care.)


I have an image of the typical blogger sitting at a desk and pounding away at a keyboard. Fingers are flying and mistakes ignored. Maybe those are just comment-writers.

I tend to type too quickly. Maybe that wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t make lots of mistakes and have to tap away at the backspace key once or twice every minute. I try to get my thoughts on the screen before they sink back under my consciousness and I forget what I was going to say. But writing this quickly causes me to fly off into directions I didn’t plan. Great for stream-of-consciousness, but not so good when I’m trying to share my ideas with others in a clear and organised manner.

To prevent my writing from flying off the edge of the track, as it were, I’ve decided to type more slowly. I’ve been doing it for a couple of days, letting myself enjoy each click of the keyboard before going on to the next letter and the next word. This gives my thoughts time to line up in an orderly fashion instead of having them running pell mell after my flickering fingers.

I typed this post slowly and it seemed to help.

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