Age is just a bottle . . . .

A friend shared this photo on Facebook the other day, a picture I hadn’t seen before. It’s me and three of my best high school friends in the long-haired fellow’s bedroom. Judging by my clothes and look, I was probably in university at this time.

Marcus in Paul's Room
White socks, rolled up cotton pants, black t-shirt. I think that was my uniform for a couple of years.

I later lived with that cat and still have a scar on my right hand from it.

That photo was taken about 1990-ish and so twenty-seven years have passed. Now I’m much older but, sadly, no wiser. How old am I? This picture I made yesterday says it all.

Gravy Browning (Caramel)
100% liquid caramel from the Cheonu Food Company. I don’t know what Koreans use this for, but to my eyes it’s gravy browning.

I’m so old, I’ve finished a bottle of gravy browning yesterday and need to buy another. “What the devil is he talking about?” you ask. In Newfoundland there is a joke about how long a bottle of gravy browning lasts.

Man 1: Mrs. Jones is some old.
Man 2: Go on! She’s not dat old, is she?
Man 1: Old?! My son, she’s on ‘er second bottle a’ gravy browning!

I like the bottle. It’s old-timey and looks slightly medicinal. I just looked up some of the words on the label and discovered that its intended use is in yak-shik, a traditional sticky rice snack made with nuts and so on.

The writing on the label looks like something from fifty years ago, but I bought it in 2005.

Caramel date of production
The label says this caramel was produced in January of 2005 and cost 1300 Won.

Although the label says that the product is good for up to two years after the production date, I suspect caramel is something like black pepper. They put a date on it to keep the government happy but it actually never goes bad. I hope. Bad gravy browning might explain some of my problems . . . .

So, there you are. I’m now officially old according to the gravy browning scale. Will I get through a second bottle?


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