I am so far behind in my photo editing that I can’t remember the details of my outings. Did I go out to make photos? Was I just out for a walk and had the camera with me? I suppose it doesn’t matter, does it? On the day these photos were made I was in the downtown area on foot and with a camera.

Woman selling sugar-stuffed pancakes and boiled fish cakes

This woman is almost always downtown selling her snacks and there is almost always a crowd of people around her stand. I often try to get a photo of this stand when I’m downtown but there are usually so many people around that it’s nearly impossible. I was lucky to catch this slow moment.

Namdae River in winter

Many smaller Korean rivers become streams or dry up completely in winter because there is so little precipitation. They fill up when the rains come in spring and later in the summer rainy season. The apartments are not in the downtown area; I’m standing on a bridge near downtown.


The huge building is Homeplus (Tesco) that also has a multiplex cinema inside. The little green building houses a seamstress’ shop at the moment and the little row of buildings are home to a tailor and some restaurants that are actually just places where a bunch of old men hang out and drink all hours of the day. I still haven’t looked to see what the partially hidden traditional building is.

I’ve shown three photos here today that I’m satisfied with. That doesn’t seem like many for a few hours of wandering around, but if I come home with one good image from a day’s walk then I am happy.

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