Film Roll: 20170210-001, 20170210-002

Sometimes I take a while to get through a roll of film so there are lots of snapshots and nothing that I can put together as a story. So, instead of contorting my brain to come up with a title that describes all the photos, or cutting out decent photos to fit a Procrustean title, I’ve decided in these cases to just write the name of the film roll or rolls.

Hoesan District, Gangneung

As you can see, the district of Gangneung where I live is quite rural. This may change in the next ten or twenty years as more apartment buildings are built and these farms disappear. In the background you can see the smoke from a fire set by a farmer to burn up old straw. This is illegal but the employees of City Hall are too busy making up laws to actually enforce the ones they already have. You can also see transmission towers that bring power into the city.

Pine hill on snowy day

This is the view from my living room. A lot of snow fell soon after we moved into this apartment and it was very nice to look out the window with a cup of tea. What’s even nicer is that the apartment management hires people to clear away the snow outside.

Homeplus Food Court

It’s fairly easy to make surreptitious photos with a mobile phone (though mobile phones in Korea and Japan have to make a fake shutter noise by law as an anti-pervert measure) but it’s obvious she noticed me bring my rangefinder camera up to my eye and make this photo. I prefocused so that I didn’t have to spend time twisting the focus ring back and forth after composing. This lady looks threatening (notice the closed hand that looks like a fist!) but through the hygiene mask you can see she is smiling a bit. I’ve eaten at this food court several times and she friendly enough. In this photo, she’s preparing boiled fish paste on a stick. The name sounds awful in English but it’s delish.

Lotte Soju Factory

The top of thos soju factory is visible over the background hills when I look out one of my bedroom windows. This was once the main factory for this company but they built a new one in another province closer to Seoul to save on transportation costs. A taxi driver told my wife that this factory laid off many of its workers and now produces soju for export. Maybe that’s one reason why a bottle of the Korean ‘evil water’ is pocket change here and costs a small fortune when you buy it overseas.

Council Housing

A couple of years ago the government constructed these apartments for low-income families. The rich arseholes who invest in real estate and drive up housing prices can’t buy these places to rent them or flip them because they are only avilable to people below a certain income level. They are smallish, but they are cheap and you can get at least a glimpse of the river or some hills. The government probably saved money on costs by buying land next to transmission towers.


This is somewhere downtown Gangneung and they look to be parked too close together. Maybe it was cold and they were huddling for warmth.


This is a failed photo because the man’s dark hair is on a dark spot in the background and is difficult to see. But a man transporting printed materials on his electric scooter with his legs dragging behind is interesting enough to share.

Liquid Cat

The cat was sitting on the table and I knew that he would eventually jump down to the floor. So I selected a slowish shutter speed and waited. He eventually became bored of sitting on the table and poured himself to the floor Slinky-style. I pressed the shutter release button when he was at his longest.


I don’t know if I made this photo just after the Liquid Cat photo or on another day, but the cat will often make a mad dash for the cat tower and have a good scratch. You might be looking at the carpet and thinking, “expensive handmade carpet + cat = disaster” but he’s never bothered it. That said, we had it professionally cleaned a couple of months ago and could have made another carpet out of the cat hair that came out of it.

Central Market’s Backside

This is the rear view of some of the buildings that make up Gangneung’s Central Market. When the railway went through the centre of town, this was all hidden by the raised tracks. The city levelled the rail line and is planning a public park. I don’t know if they plan to do anything about the ugly view that was nevere meant to be seen.

Dog on Chain on Line

I guess there is a special name for this line where a dog on a leash can move back and forth across a wide area. This is the parking lot of a service station or something in the city. I can’t remember.

Self Portrait

This was the last frame on one of the rolls so I was probably just trying to finish it up before changing the film. Last frames are often photos of the family pet (which was the second last frame on this roll) but I decided to make a family portrait. Hours of fun when you have a camera.

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