Pile of Film: Mostly Snapshots

During the holidays I was busy and film piled up at the house, undeveloped and sometimes unnoticed. One day I gathered it all up and sent it off to the lab. There was a bit of everything in the pile: colour negative, slide, and black and white. I haven’t gotten around to editing the black and white photos yet and I’ll post some of those later, if there’s anything worth sharing.


Below the window is an aluminium tray wrapped in a cloth. Restaurants deliver to nearby businesses by putting all the dishes on a tray and delivering it like this. When the business employees are finished eating, they put the tray outside for pickup.


There’s nothing special about this photo. Everyone likes kittens so I’m posting it.

filmfoto-6I photograph these trucks sometimes when I walk by the river. They don’t seem to ever move and they might be abandoned.


If the bottom left cloud were on the top left, it would be a much better photo.


A ladder truck moving furniture and belongings into an apartment. Windy days must be nerve-wracking for movers.


On a trip to Seoul last winter we stopped for fifteen minutes at a service area. This fellow doesn’t seem very enthused about walking to his car in the snow.


No matter the weather, business must go on as usual.


Despite the snow and ice, some scooters were on the roads and sidewalks the day we were in Seoul.


Aluminium roof in Gangneung.


If you walk down small alleys in most Korean cities, you will find houses that are not maintained well or that have been abandoned.


Despite the ugliness of many of the alleys, you can sometimes find little spots of colour and life.


The others are straight. Why not these? Did the person putting them down run out of energy? Did he/she just stop caring?


Scooter sizes up pretty pink bicycle.


This photo needs a passeryby in the upper right corner. Must visit again . . . .


This is related to a security light, somehow. A meter, perhaps?


I’m usually shy about making photos of people. I pretended I was taking photos of things outside my window and then swung around to make this photo. I don’t think he was fooled, but he didn’t seem to care. “Oh, those wacky foreigners. What are they like?”


Another ladder truck. I seem to be fascinated by them.


These poor bastards are always on a very short chain outside this flower shop. Most dogs are tied up like this.


The lab where I get prints done. He’s great at printing but somewhat unreliable when it comes to film, so I get my developing and scanning done in Seoul.


This guy works at or owns a shop in Gangneung’s Central Market and he always says Hello when I pass by. I’m going to print this photo and give it to him the next time I’m downtown.


The sidewalks on the high street used to be packed with grannies selling stuff and getting underfoot. The city cleaned up the high street and moved them all into the market area where they sell stuff and make it difficult to get around the market.


Chinese dates, maize, barley, ginger(?) and what looks to be rice and something else in the background.


A scooter parked in front of a steamed bun shop. Remember those narrow lanes from two photos above? Scooters go up and down these all day, making it even more difficult to get around. And people wonder why the traditional markets are disappearing.

I really like film, although it’s onconvenient. The first few photos in this post were made with slide film and I think I like those colours the best. Kodak is going to start producing slide film again this year and I’m really looking forward to getting some. Ferrania from Italy is also supposed to start producing slide film from this year and I’m looking forward to trying that as well.


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