Seoul Buildings

I went to Seoul several weeks ago and while looking for a place to eat dinner came across some skyscrapers I wanted to photograph. I only have a 50mm lens for my Zeiss Ikon so I made these photos with the wider lens of my iPhone.

seoul buildings (1 of 3)

I’m not sure what this security camera is for. It was at an intersection so perhaps it’s to record cars that go through red lights.

seoul buildings (2 of 3)

The Hanhwa Building on the right is undergoing a face-lift. There are a number of Hanhwa buildings in Seoul but I think this is the one that has an art gallery on one of the upper floors. The BMW on the right has gone over the stop line and is creeping into the bicycle lane. I wonder if the security camera caught that.

seoul buildings (3 of 3)

Here you can see layers of density. The three or four story buildings in the front with restaurants and small offices. Behind that some taller buildings owned by one company or organisation. And, behind, even taller modern buildings made of glass.

Seoul is a nice place to visit for culture and shopping, but after a couple of days I feel crushed by the weight of the architecture.

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