Deleted. Doesn’t Matter

It’s a new year, and I decided to only import photos from 2017 to my new computer. I installed Lightroom and then transferred the seventy-odd photos I’ve made so far from my camera. I looked at all the pictures and gave a very few photos one star and then marked the rest for deletion. But when I went to erase the useless photos I accidentally erased everything. I still had the photos on my SD card but decided that there was nothing really worth keeping. They were mostly just camera tests or pictures of the cat and I already have hundreds and hundreds of those.

Erasing those photos was an inauspicious beginning to the photographic year but possibly tomorrow or the next day when the weather is good, I’m going to go on a proper photographic excursion with a tripod and make some good photographs. Photos I would regret deleting by accident. I hope that by Saturday or Sunday I’ll have a new beginning to the year.

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