North Gangneung

The northern part of Gangneung is where most of the tourists go. That’s where the beach, the harbours, and the big hotels are. There’s also a large farming area nearby. That’s where I took a walk several weeks ago.


This is Gangmun, which means ‘river entrance’. In the foreground are some people who have come to fish and in the background is the newly built Hyundai Hotel.The Hyundai Hotel that used to be on this site was ordered by one of the country’s past dictators (the father of the present president, I think) and he would come to Gangneung for his vacations.


Here is the hotel again with a foot bridge over the mouth of the river.


And one more time, why not? I got under the boardwalk where fishers keep some gear. Can you spot the mistake in this photo?


Sesame plants tied together for drying.


Rice straw bundled up and ready to be sold. Probably to cattle farmers.


The last, or one of the last crops of the year is cabbage. Most of this will be pickled with chilli powder to make gimchi.


I was getting ready to make a photo of the building in the background but before I could get the camera on my tripod this man came by on his bicycle. I thought he would add a little action to the foreground so I made this photo handheld.


This the photo that came after I put the camera on the tripod. The picture was a bit boring without a bicycle in the foreground so I cropped it to make a panorama. This building belongs to Korea Electric. Some people complain that our electric rates are high to pay for things like this, but if the company is using its profits to build beautiful buildings like this then I”m very happy.


4 thoughts on “North Gangneung”

    1. The rope hanging down from the pole overlaps the white building. Ideally, it would be hanging just above it. I plan to go back and make this photo again because it bothers me a bit.

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