Around town

These photos are from the first day with my new camera. It’s been about a week now and I’m getting used to all the buttons and dials. Tomorrow I’m going to take a bus to a town north of here and make some photos in a hilly neighbourhood and then the seaside. The town has lots of photogenic locations and it’ll be a good chance to use the camera ‘for real’. I’m going to use a tripod so I can see what 36 megapixels is really capable of.


This was taken on my way to school. Notice the cement truck in the background. Oh, ho ho — timing is everything. Though I wish I had pressed the shutter button when it was between the two utility poles.


This one was taken as I was leaving school in the afternoon. I guess they are cleaning the panels on the stadium.


I thought this was an odd place for farmers to park their bicycles. The farmers thought I was odd for making a photo of their bicycles. One of them laughed and shouted, “Hey! Hey! Take a picture of my truck next!” Philistine . . . .


I like this photo and don’t. I wish those birds were lower.


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