Parked Trucks

It’s been several days since I received my new D810 but I haven’t had much of a chance to do anything with it except pound on the shutter button while walking to school. You can imagine the results I get from that.

The D810 is a complicated machine and it’s going to take some weeks to learn all the functions and probably months to become fluent with them, as it were. Eventually I’ll get to the point where everything is set up as I want it and I won’t have to fool around with anything when I go to make photos.

Here is a photo from my walks to school that I’m not embarrassed to show others. Truck drivers park their vehicles down by the riverside and some of them are quite old. I rather like these two trucks.


2 thoughts on “Parked Trucks”

  1. There are a few like the flatbed around here these past few years, right hand drive. Most of the people that have them use them for going up in the woods hunting, They are four wheel drive and can easily get into the places you can get with an ATV ( quad ). Nice little vehicles.

    1. You can only get them in white or blue here. Actually, there are three colours but no one buys the beige model. They’re fairly cheap compared to SUVs and sedans. Probably because they’re made for farmers and businesses.

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