Walkabout – Sacheon, Part 2


This house looks quaint but with so many corners in a small building I wonder how poor the layout is inside.


“Sea squirts for sale.”


As I entered the harbour area, this truck pulled up and parked and the driver went into a restaurant. There are many trucks like this in Korea. They drive slowly along the sides of roads selling everything from clothes to fruit.


I couldn’t see what’s in these large sacks. Probably not radish greens


The harbour was busy when I arrived. People were busy pulling little fish out of the their nets and then rolling them up again.


Here is a group of people pulling out the little fish from the net. They look something like a capelin but with a longer snout.


This old fellow was fishing from the wharf while a couple pulled their nets back into their boat.


View of the harbour.


More sacks of something.


They just heard the latest village gossip. “There’s a foreigner in town taking pictures!”


Benches in a little park.


Haean-ro means ‘coastal road’. Many street signs these days have Korean script, Roman letters, Chinese characters, and Japanese writing on them. Especially in tourist areas. The road you can see in this photo is the road that goes inland to the village where I got off the bus. I decided to walk back to the village instead of waiting for a bus or trying to get a taxi.


Bus that goes from the harbour to the village. Not only there, of course.


Table delivery.


More radish greens with an elementary school in the far background.


I made a photo of this bus stop on the way to the harbour but on the way back I discovered the elevated walking path and made another photo.


The walking trail goes under the highway and then continues along Sandy Brook.


Most small town restaurants are not this clean-looking. This Chinese restaurant in next to the local government building so he probably makes a fortune and can afford to put a bit of paint on the building now and then. The guy in the doorway came by with a plastic bag and a large sweat stain on his back. I don’t know if he was trying to sell something or not.

I caught the bus back to Gangneung feeling a bit sweaty myself. None of these photos is going to win a prize but it was a good trip.  I got some exercise and seeing some different scenery inspired me. Next week I might hop on another bus and head south instead of north. There might be some nice villages or landscapes I can photograph.

5 thoughts on “Walkabout – Sacheon, Part 2”

  1. What are sea squirts?
    I would imagine the clothes being sold from the truck are fairly dirty after driving around with the clothes hanging out in the open.
    Great pictures.

    1. A sea squirt is a kind of sea creature that lives attached to rocks. I’m not sure how hungry people were when they decided to start eating them.
      I wouldn’t buy stuff from those trucks. It’s usually cheap crap anyway.

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