Accidental Polaroid

The weather was warm for November and the light was good so this morning I went out with my camera and a single lens to see what interesting things might be found in the neighbourhood. I didn’t ‘chimp’ and I was curious to see how well I had composed and exposed my photos so I went to the photo lab and asked the technician to print one of each photo. A kind of ‘iron man’ photo challenge. When he was setting up the photos to print I noticed that I had three folders on my SD card. Although I always erase photos after they are safely transferred to my camera, I obviously hadn’t formatted the card for a long time. The technician gave me back my card, I put it in the camera, and then formatted. Oh, wait. Didn’t transfer to my computer at home . . . . . And so the morning’s photos are unique and worth millions. Well, none of the photos are really keepers and because I was near my house I can go back out and do them again. Anyway, my exposures were good so in the future I don’t need to fuss over it like I usually do while out making photos. A lesson learned despite a mistake.

Priceless Art . . . . .

2 thoughts on “Accidental Polaroid”

  1. Hey Bud , hows things ? Nice to hear from you on Facebook . You’re not a regular visitor. It’s a platform that’s easy and convenient for me . Perhaps it’s not so convenient for your Korean peers .
    I’d be curious to see more of your photos on a Facebook page – perhaps with a link to a web page . I see this available by several people on my ” liked” list who are foodies . I dunno, maybe it’s a paid service ; maybe it’s too much fuss.
    Kind regards
    From the Rock .

    1. Hi Andre,

      I decided to keep my website when I got an email from someone asking about a camera of mine. Are updates going to Facebook? I disabled that account some months ago. I’ll have to check that out.

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