One of my goals in the last few months has been to simplify my photography. I carry a Nikon F100 loaded with Provia 100F film (that’s a nice symmetry; 100F for the F100!), I lug a large tripod and my Contax 645 medium format camera loaded with Velvia 50 film to sites of interest, and my iPhone is always in pocket for snapshots. My goal for the future is to make far fewer photographs but to think more carefully about the photographs I do make. Thinking carefully before making a photo is easier when slide film is so expensive these days . . . .

A couple of days ago I posted some of the first photos from this newer, simpler way of photographing but before I make more photographs I want to ‘dump’ a number of photos I’ve got lying around on my hard drive but haven’t shared yet. Some of these are snapshots and some better thought out.


Canon AE-1 Program, FD 50mm 1:1.4, AGFA Vista plus 200

This photo is poorly exposed but I like this kind of old truck. This one is a Kia Ceres. They are getting a bit rare now. Seeing this kind of vehicle makes me want to leave the city and live in a mud and wattle house in the mountains.

20160105-002-007 ford school bus

I don’t know how rare this kind of bus is in North America now but it’s the first one of its type I’ve seen in Korea. It’s a bit difficult to tell from the photo but some of the windows are smashed out. I’m curious to know who brought it to Gangneung and why.

20160212-008 anmok bus depot tree

This is the local bus terminal out by the beach. These buses have modern headlights and air-conditioners but I don’t think anything else has changed in these bus designs since the fifties or sixties. They are very uncomfortable, there aren’t enough seats, the engines often sound terrible, and the drivers need lessons in shifting gears. There seems to be no competition from foreign bus companies so the Korean bus manufacturers can’t be arsed to spend money on designing good city buses. Maybe.


This litle van is much used by small businesses such as dry cleaners for delivery. This one is used for bringing tins of drinks around to vending machines at the university. I thought perhaps this model went out of production but it turns out you can still buy them new quite cheaply. If I ever buy a vehicle I might buy one like this because they fit into any parking space.


All these signs say, “No Parking. We ask for your cooperation”.


Safety First


Bus shelter


I met these two dogs while walking through a park one day. They were very unhappy about me being there.

20160209-002 Amice

An unhappy cat. But he’s probably just annoyed that I kept calling his name so he would look at me.


A slightly happier cat. He smelled the flowers and was thinking about what to do next.


Two very happy cats who live at the vet’s clinic. They love the straps and smells of my rucksack.


Two more happy cats. 🙂

20160212-007 anmok clam lock aquarium restaurant

I’m not sure these clams feel any sort of emotion but it won’t be pleasant when they’re thrown into a pot or on a hot grill.

20160105-002-034 back side of shanty

When Korea Rail removed the tracks running through the city last year it revealed the back sides of houses and buildings that were previously hidden from view. Most of them look like this.

20160212-005 anmok coffee vending machine

My wife asked me why I made this photograph. This area by the beach used to be famous for all the coffee vending machines lining the streets. Now it’s being taken over by Starbuck’s and Korean chain coffee shops. These machines might not be around in a couple of years and I wanted to remember them.


The sign is advertising for someone to do face massage and includes a phone number. If you have a bit of change for the phone the job could be yours!


Mr. Bus Information Head


A roller for keeping a gateball court in good condition.


This is inside a local noodle restaurant. I sized up the pots, the doors, and the background buildings while waiting for my noodles and then picked up my camera and waited for someone to come in or go out. This was the best out of four or five frames.

DSCF0002This is another photo where I made my basic composition and then waited for the passersby to walk into good positions.


This photo originally just going to be a picture of the sphere and the lights in the background but I noticed this girl walking down the path so I waited and made this photo when she got into a good position.


Olympic Spirit.


Something old, something new.




Preparing grub on the breakwater.


A lovely day for a boat ride.


Another compose and wait photo.


I think the composition of this photo is better than the one before it, though the one before it is a bit more exciting.


Fill in the blank.


It says ‘Susan’ under the double S. An unfortunate design . . . .


It’s only possible to make a decent photo of these rocks on weekdays during the off season. At other times they are crawling with tourists taking photos of each other.


Like so.


Stone and concrete wall.


Buy-and-Sell Newspaper racks.


A stall selling side dishes in the downtown market.

FullSizeRender 4

My office walls are still quite bare because I keep forgetting to print photos and because I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep the office I have. I hung up my umbrella on a nail the other day and decided that would be my office decoration.

Thanks for looking at all the photos.


2 thoughts on “Dumping”

  1. I know yours is photo blog but I have comments on the subjects.
    I haven’t seen an actual school bus that I recall. In Busan and Incheon, hagwon and kindergarten buses now have “Stop” signs on the side that lever out into traffic. Most people ignore them and I am stuck in a loop; should i obey the sign or ignore it the way the Koreans are….
    I love those Damas Towners, those little vans. There’s another brand of similar van and I don’t recall the name.. I guess they carry a serious load but are maneuverable because of their size. I said I wanted one and friends laughed at me. It was years ago, but I remember their laughter.
    Regarding the picture of the couple on the bench. Did you show that much bare ground to show off how everything was in focus? I can think of more artistic reasons but my computer screen is so small that I could either see the couple or the ground.

    That’s an elaborate picnic on the breakwater.

  2. When I taught private lessons in Taegji the yellow hagwon buses were always a source of worry. Illegal U-turns, parking anywhere, high speed, etc. They always leave the yellow flashing lights on so you never know if they are letting children on and off. I saw the stop signs on the driver’s side but, as you say, completely ignored and useless.
    People respect you if you’re dreaming of an Audi but those little vans are for dry cleaners and other peasant losers. How vulgar. I want one, too, but driving is so stressful.
    I’m not sure why I included so much of the bare ground in the ‘couple on the bench’ photo but, looking at it now, maybe they’re in a world of their own (two worlds, since they are looking at their phones and not interacting) and the large amount of empty space emphasises their isolation from everything else. Or maybe that’s just art-crap I made up after being asked about it.

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