I brought film to my local lab this morning because Saturday is usually the slow day there. Except today, of course. I made some prints and then asked him to scan five frames of film. I thought he wouldn’t have time but he snuck me in and I got high quality scans done. And at a much better price than the Seoul labs.

All the film is Provia 100F. I made some basic adjustments in Lightroom.

20160405-001-008 apartments bridge namdaecheon river

I cross a bridge on the way to work every morning and made this photo using my Zeiss Ikon rangefinder. It’s not art but the stream and reeds are a nice break from all the ugly grey concrete in the city.

20160405-002-006 wetland park ferry

I’ve posted a photo like this before but I think it was made with a digital camera. This photo (and all following photos) was made with my Contax 645. This is a ferry pulled up for the winter at the wetland park.

20160405-002-005 marcus bench wetland park

Portrait of the Artist as an Idiot. Wetland park again.

20160405-002-009 statue hand myeongju tomb

This is a detail from a statue of a scholar the tomb of King Myeongju of Gangneung.

20160405-003-007 myeongju tomb turtle stele

This is my favourite photo from my scans today. The stairs lead up to the king’s tomb but I liked looking down the hill at the turtle stele. To me it looks like the turtle is heading off to the next world.

I’m very happy with my scans today. I rather like choosing the best photos from slides and then scanning those. It saves me a bit of money (no roll scans necessary) and the photo lab can do my scans in just a few minutes.

2 thoughts on “Scans”

  1. Hey Marcus, greetings from Canada :
    I love your photo above of the stone statue close up of King Myeongju of Gangneung . I love the detail captured in the rough surface of the stone .

    1. Thanks. If you use a good lens, a tripod, technique, and a good scanning service then medium format film photography can be amazing. There is a long weekend coming up so I’m hoping to visit some more graves and tombs to make photos.

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