Gyeongpo Lake and Wetlands in Winter

During the winter I made three trips to Gyeongpo Lake and the wetlands park next to it. Once with my Contax 645 and a huge tripod and twice with the Fuji X-Pro 1. On one occasion I also stopped by the birthplace of Heogyun. These photos are all digital.

20160209-003 heogyun birthplace wall vines
Clay wall and vines
20160209-004 heogyun birthplace cellar
A cellar (I think)
20160209-008 gyeongpo lake wetlands lotus boardwalk
Wetlands boardwalk
20160209-010 gyeongpo lake wetlands crane
An egret or crane on the frozen wetlands
20160209-011 gyeongpo lake wetlands tree reed
Island in the wetlands
20160209-012 gyeongpo lake wetlands ferry ice
There is a rope-drawn ferry in the wetlands park that is fun to use. 
20160209-013 gyeongpo lake hyundae hotel ice duck
Gangneung is a great place to look at ducks in the winter. Many species come from up north and stay until the spring.
20160209-015 gyeongpo lake statue
Statues along the lake are of figures from Korean stories.

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