Queer Old Things

I am going to add a new category to this blog called ‘Queer Old Things’. Photos of odd things that I see will be put into this category. I’m using the name Queer Old Things because when I was young anyone odd was referred to as a ‘queer old stick’. Anyway, here are my first two queer old things.


Pink doesn’t have so many feminine connotations in Korea as it does in some western countries. Men wore traditional festive clothes with lots of pink fabric and I’ve seen more than once soldiers walking the high street with bright pink shopping bags. You’ll notice that this man is riding a woman’s bike. Many older people in Korea either don’t know or don’t care that bicycles without crossbars are made for women. Judging by the water can on the back of his cycle, he’s probably just come from a spring somewhere in town.

2016-02-17-003-wheelbarrows-tree-sidewalk Here’s a thing you don’t see every day. A hardware store with wheelbarrows chained to a tree on the sidewalk. Have people been running off with these? Notice that Korean (Asian?) wheelbarrows have two wheels. Easier to balance but not so good for dumping loads sideways.These have rust on them so perhaps they are rentals.

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